MinnFinn™ is the first truly new therapy developed for fish disease in decades. There is simply nothing like it!!

1. MinnFinn™ is the most BROAD SPECTRUM product available: It treats Parasitic, Bacterial and Fungal Infections. It's the most broad spectrum product on the market!

2. MinnFinn™ is Easy To Use: Treatment time is only 1 hour and no water changes are needed when you are done.

3. MinnFinn™ is Neutralizable: Treatment is ended immediately when you add the NeuFinn neutralizer. NeuFinn gives a safety margin for stopping treatments quickly when necessary.

4. MinnFinn™ is Environmentally Safe: Once neutralized, MinnFinn™ breaks down into water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

5. MinnFinn™ is Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic to you and your fish: MinnFinn is good for you, your fish, and the environment - unlike other products on the market like malachite green and formalin mixtures.

6. MinnFinn™ treatments require NO Water Changes when complete: Because MinnFinn™ is neutralized at the end of treatment, no water changes are needed, saving time and money.

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